Thursday, December 8, 2011

I have to admit, I’m no monster fan. The first time I stayed up late to watch a horror movie (I think I was 10), I discovered I was a devoted member of the “I-don’t-like-to-be-scared” club. In high school, while all my friends were screaming and laughing at scary flicks at the drive in, I was cowering in the back seat, counting the stitches of the car’s interior.

But Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein… now that’s a monster tale I’m completely ready to take in! Mel has replaced the scary scenes with funniness. He’s added in some ridiculous comedic romance (have you seen clips from “Roll in the Hay”?), and created a happy ending for the tale. And like Shrek (another monster show I completely adore), Young Frankenstein is a four truck show, which means huge production value… big staging… lots of lights… and I’m told “real” lightning for the “It’s Alive!” scene.

So count me in for Tuesday night’s opening performance. Along with 8 of my newest best friends (way to go, TweetSeat winners), I’ll be Puttin’ on the Ritz and kicking up my heels at the Capitol… and thoroughly enjoying this monster of a tale!

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