Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Trouble with Ratings

I was asked the other day what was age appropriate for Spamalot. I responded that I was bringing my youngest son, who will be 13 next week. Having not seen the show yet, I also asked others who had seen it, and found that there was, “a little swearing (the “s” word), a few scenes of scantily dressed show girls, and a little adult content.” I passed that information on as well.

Then I saw the show. I asked my son at intermission what he thought so far. “Lots of boobies,” he smiled (he is, after all, a teenage boy). Yes, I had to agree there were lots of lovely women in stockings and such, but no actual nudity.

And what about the story line? “Hilarious,” he proclaimed, loving the overstuffed cow, the killer rabbit, and the naughty French people. We happily watched the second act, waiting with everyone else for the magical kiss.

For me and my kid, I was completely okay with the show. I’d rate it about PG, I guess. But after seeing it, I hoped I had not led astray the person who questioned me about the age appropriateness. There was a bit more than a little swearing, and the adult content was funny, but rude, and I imagine, offensive to some. And of course, there were a lot of boobies. I think therein lies the problem with rating shows. Not the boobies, but that what you find offensive, I may not.

So what about you? How would you rate the age appropriateness of Spamalot?

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