Wednesday, November 2, 2011

SPAMALOT Myths... Busted!

Though I sit cloistered at my desk most hours of the day, a little Yakima rumbling has reached my ears. Rumor has it there are a few people in Yakima who think they won’t like Spamalot.

I know…WHAT?! Granted, it’s a small minority, but still. It’s hard for me to just sit idly by while they miss out on a night of raucous laughter, so I’m here to dispel the top three myths surrounding Monty Python’s Spamalot.

Myth #1 “I have a lot of friends who want to go, but we just can’t afford it.” No problem! We have special group rates available for groups of 10 or more! So get your friends together, give us a call (853-2787) and we’ll make you a deal you can’t refuse!

Myth #2 “I never liked Monty Python, so I won’t like this.” I say, Don’t be so hard on yourself! You laugh when someone tells a good joke, right? That’s all the skill and knowledge you need to have to enjoy Spamalot. Besides, what’s not to love about a show that was nominated for 14 Tony Awards, and won three of them, including Best Musical? It’s got action, dancing, violence and killer rabbits… it’s GOT to be good!

And finally:

Myth #3 “I can’t take my mom or sister or daughter. It’s too much a guy show.” I will admit there are a lot of fart jokes and the cutting off of arms and legs, which men of all ages typically find quite enjoyable. But there are also incredible voices and wonderful acting. I mean, the show won Best Musical! And I assure you that an equal number of men and women watched it on Broadway the year it won. Besides, it takes a lot more than passing gas to win a Tony Award!

So there you have it. Myths busted. Don’t miss out on this once in a Yakima lifetime chance to experience Monty Python’s hilarious comedy: Spamalot in three special shows on November 7 and 8. Call 853-2787 for tickets!


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