Monday, May 23, 2011

Guest post: A young adult's look at live theatre

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The Capitol Theatre has been around for many years, sharing laughter, tears, happiness, drama, love and all other kinds of emotions.

When we see a play live, we see motion, expression, creativity, and practice. Now we, the audience, pay attention to how we feel and what we see, but I don't think people frequently pay really close attention to the actors/dancers/singers. We have no clue how much work it takes for them to perform with such precision.

When up on the stage, actors can feel a wide range of emotions. There must certainly be an adrenaline rush. But there may also be anxiety, fear, confidence, and maybe doubt. It’s not something I’d want to put myself through, but that's what makes a live performance LIVE! The drama and pressure. The sweat they shed, the pain of their bodies pushing for perfection, the summoning of emotion… They do it because they have to, yes, but also to show you, me, the audience, that they are good, they are worth coming to see perform.

Most people don’t know this, unless they have attended live performance. And most people my age (18) have never attended a live musical or play. Sadly, most of us are glued to a television or movie screen, seeing only the perfection that comes after hours of taping, and cutting and editing.

Where’s the excitement in that? I think adventure is what drives most of us, and live performance is a prime example of an adventure! The work that goes into it, the drama, the rush of it all… the magic that happens on stage... this is the thing we crave, even if we don’t know it.

Live drama has been around so much longer than television and movies. It’s got history. And compared to what it costs to see a movie these days, you can actually enjoy a musical or play relatively cheaply!

I invite you to come to a show, to be the one near the stage hearing the actors' hearts pound of excitement, see the sweat of dancers while they move in unison, marvel at singers with their beautiful voices of talent. To all my friends and all the young people out there, join me and experience the best thing that’s been around for a long time…live theatre!

Tiffany Wright

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