Wednesday, January 12, 2011


In a time when viewers are accosted with images of sex and violence nearly every time they flip on the TV, do we really want to go see Spring Awakening?

Granted, the show does include coarse language, nudity, and adult themes. One song is entitled, “I’m F*cked.” There is a scene in which young lovers have their first encounter—right there, on the stage. And in another, a young man strikes a young woman across the face—hard. Spring Awakening is not a show for young kids.

But it also touches that deep dark corner of passion and angst that we’ve all experienced at sometime. It reminds more mature viewers of what it was like (and is still like) to be a teen, trying to grow up in a world that is sometimes bent on keeping them young.

Spring Awakening gives—no, shouts—views on thought-provoking themes that (face it, folks) kids need to consider. Lust… hypocrisy… abuse… No one likes to delve into these subjects with a teen, yet that is exactly what they need if they are to avoid many pitfalls of life.

Audience members will blush and squirm a little in their seats; they will laugh and quite possibly cry. They will come away from Spring Awakening with new perceptions, and perhaps, more open minds.

Because that’s what Spring Awakening does… It pokes into that corner of the soul that we work so hard to hide and ignore. That very part that makes us all human.

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