Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Cirque"... Not just du Soleil Anymore

There was a time when just about everyone had seen—or at least had heard of–Cirque du Soleil. You remember those muscular athletes, twisting and throwing one another around a stage in a way that made you worry for their safety? They seemed to go a few steps beyond what the human body should be able to do… all the while looking graceful and beautiful beyond belief.

In actuality, Cirque du Soleil was just one of several nouveau circus companies. While each brings its own style and flavor to performances, they all share a few things in common, including the absence of animals and other elements of “American circus”.

Cirque le Masque will be performing their latest show “Carnivale” in The Capitol Theatre November 5 and 6, 2010. Captivating audiences with an energetic explosion of sight, sound, imagination, and awe-inspiring physicality, Carnivale will present Yakima with the finest acrobats, aerial artists and gymnasts performing incredible feats, guaranteed to move you to the edge of your seat.

Carivale has won a slew of awards, and the show’s aerial acts are truly thrilling and death-defying. The acrobats are able to balance in ways that appear impossible, making audience members from 5 to 95 ask, “How can they do that?” Combining awe-inspiring physical feats with comedy produces a show that will leave the house screaming with laughter. Cirque Le Masque is a perfect blend of live theatrical entertainment and cutting edge special effects completely thrilling audiences of all ages.

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