Friday, February 5, 2010

Tearin' Down a Parkin' Lot to Make Paradise

A few notes from Progress Meeting 2/3/10
Wow, progress is moving right along and we are right on schedule to finish on time! They should be done laying the bricks today (TODAY!) for the second floor. At the end of the week they will be acid etching the building so that when they paint the walls, the paint will stick.

A ramp from the basement of the new facility through dressing room 4 is scheduled to be poured, which will make moving big, heavy stuff between the old and new basements much easier.

The giraffe doors are gone, but fortunately, all the original 1920 brick from that section will be used in the expansion of that area. So this little piece of the Theatre (called the dog house) will be new, it will be constructed from all old brick. Pretty cool!

Interior walls are also going up. They’ll eventually form dressing rooms and restrooms. Should take about a month to complete, then the roof will begin March 3.
Everything is starting to move faster and it’s amazing to think how just a few months ago it was all just a parking lot. So you might say we tore up a parking lot to make a paradise…

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