Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How One Mom Found the Theatre

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When a girl gets to be that tween-teen age, it can be hard for a mother to connect with her. For many girls, the onset of those years means a) moms are stupid, b) moms know NOTHING about anything, and c) moms are embarrassing.

As the mother of a 13 year old, I fit this bill perfectly: I know nothing about anything, I have no idea how tough my daughter’s life is, and I’m SO embarrassing… or so I’m told. In reality, I’m pretty hip—I mean for an old person—but I digress…

As the mortifying mom, I’m frequently on the lookout for ways to connect with my daughter, so that hopefully, she will remember that I wasn’t always so stupid, out of touch and embarrassing as I seem to be now.

Last night’s performance of Annie at the Capitol Theatre turned out to be one of those connections. Sitting in the near-full house, humming along to songs we both already knew, I saw my daughter laugh, smile and giggle her way through two and a half delicious hours. Alone, but surrounded by about 1,450 of our closest friends, we were able to sit back and enjoy something together. Our small amount of whispered conversation left no room for my motherly stupidity or ignorance to show. The darkness shrouded any embarrassment I might inflict. In fact, we were both so engrossed in the acting and music and the delightfully evil Miss Hannigan, that even if I had committed any social faux pas, they’d have been overlooked. And for a few hours, it was just my daughter and me, being a mom and her kid.

So I’d like to send a little message to those who gave me that experience: the cast of Annie, the crew and support people, The Capitol Theatre.

Thanks. It was perfect.

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