Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's Official!

Though actual digging commenced in August, this past Tuesday, September 8, marked the official groundbreaking for the Capitol Theatre expansion! An impressive number of Theatre friends and community supporters turned out to hear what Senators Curtis King and Jim Clements, and Mayor Dave Edler, and City Manager Dick Zais had to say about the project and to see the golden shovels in action.

As a sort of “behind the scenes” person, I was inspired to experience the excitement and anticipation that filled the Theatre stage as honored guests spoke. I mean, I’m already excited about the whole thing… I work there. I look at the plans everyday and watch and photograph the construction progress. But to have others—especially those whose plates I know are very full—take the time to come and speak about the Theatre and all it means to Yakima, and all the expansion will do for the community… that had a pretty big impact on me personally.

Thanks to all who were able to enjoy the event, and those who sent their well-wishes. And of course, thanks to those who had the vision to create whole idea, long before I even became a part of the Theatre.

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