Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Giraffe What?!

Ever wonder what kind of doorway one would need for something really tall, like say, a giraffe?

In the early 20th century, bike-riding bears, dancing baby elephants, and even bowing giraffes were popular acts appearing on Vaudeville tours. Much like the variety shows of the 1950s, Vaudeville was family friendly entertainment, and the Capitol Theatre was the venue in Central Washington for top entertainment.

If you’ve ever toured the Capitol Theatre, you may have noticed the giraffe doors, located on the South side of the stage. Funny to see—since giraffes haven’t graced the stage in many years—the doors have no practical purpose today, but to perhaps make one ponder how much entertainment has changed in the past 75 years or so.

This week, as part of the Theatre construction and remodel, the old giraffe doors came down. I rushed over from the offices to see them up close and to take a few pictures. They somehow look a bit smaller, lying on the stage, but the 18 foot doorway, now wide open, still makes me wonder about how tall a giraffe really is and how odd it would be to have one on the stage.

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