Friday, April 17, 2009

Crew Call? what's That?

“Crew call” is when 40 to 50 people show up early the morning of a show, ready to begin unloading the show equipment, assemble it, set the stage and lights, and get everything ready to go for the evening performance. When I show up to the office around 8:00 AM, these guys (and girls) are already hard at work, rolling tremendously heavy—and sometimes dangerously tippy—boxes and cases down the truck ramps, across the parking lot, and then down another ramp to the stage level. (The new Production Center, being built this year, will significantly expedite this process through the use of a new trucking dock. But more about that later…)

The crew also works the stage during the performances. They are the ones responsible for moving scenery and equipment between scenes, operating lights, and raising and lowering curtains and backdrops. After the final performance of a show, they take everything apart and pack it back into the touring trucks. After a mop of the stage floor, load out usually winds up around 2:00 AM.

A tough, dirty job? Oh yeah. But the shows can’t go on without them.

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